Helsinki Letterheads 2021 fall update

Early Bird picks up the best price!
We have extended our Early Bird registration deadline until October 31st!

Early Bird picks up the best price!
We have extended our Early Bird registration deadline until October 31st!
Vintage travel posters are our theme for 2021 
We have posters on display and you can check them out from the pages The lay-out and colors are beautiful, and the lettering has charming vintage spirit in it. Those posters come from different ages, from twenties to sixties and even newer. Some of the top Finnish designers worked with them, among them Erik Bruun, Google him!  And of course your own input is just as welcome as always!

Helsinki Letterheads 2021 and Covid19
The main theme of our lives right now seems to be Covid19. It affects everything, including the Helsinki Letterheads arrangements. It seems like nobody can tell what the situation will be in four months’ time. Finland has survived very well, partly because of strict precautions but also because we are a small country with a small population. During the most recent fourteen-day monitoring period,  1,149 new cases were diagnosed. The incidence of new cases in relation to the population was 22,5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The total amount of cases reported in Finland is 10244. The number of people in hospital care in Finland is 19, and the number of people in intensive care is 4. These figures are from October 2:nd.

We do realize that a major number of the participants of Helsinki Letterheads comes from abroad, from
countries where the situation varies. Some people can come here easily, in other countries the regulations practically prohibits the visits abroad. So we will stay alert and inform you as soon as we know how covid-situation is proceeding toward the end of the year. Meanwhile our arrangements proceed as scheduled, but we are also prepared for the possible upcoming changes. In case of a closure in Finnish borders, you have a possibility to get a refund of your payment with deduction of 30 € for the office expenses. Or transfer your payment to the postponed Helsinki Letterheads, which will take place in February 2022. For the possible case of cancellation, check here for more information.

Helsinki Letterheads partner companies
We are happy to have a great bunch of partners to help to realize the meeting:
W&B Gold Leaf for leafing material
As Handover for 1-Shot paints and supplies
Styleride for lettering supplies in Finland
Come to Finland posters
Nykypuu for building premises
SaloLivestream for streaming the meet

So stay healthy, stay safe! We will keep on working in hope to make the Helsinki Letterheads 2021 best meeting ever!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us
Jussi Alasalmi, phone +358-50-0265324
Marko Salminen, phone +358-50-3369143
Pekka Mannermaa, phone +358-40-5587192
Please note that we are currently getting loads of calls from fake numbers abroad trying to sell the London Bridge or getting filthy rich by investing to North Pole holiday cottages. So if we do not answer or return your call, please send a sms to verify that it was you. Many thanks!

You can also find us in social media:
Facebook: Helsinki Letterheads 2021
Instagram: Helsinkiletterheads2021 

Sign Layout - Bob Behounek
Block and Beginners Lettering - Peter Anthony
Casual Lettering - Jeff Marshall
Roman Lettering - David Kynaston
Script Lettering - Pierre Tardif
Fairground Lettering - Joby Carter
Blackboard Lettering & Art - Cheryl McLean
Font Design - Teo Tuominen
Ligatures - Jakob Enberg
Calligraphy - Marika Koskimäki
Glass gilding - Ash Bishop
Surface Gilding - Paul Myerscough
Distressed Signs - Rick Janzen
Pinstriping - Todd Hanson
Vehicle Graphics - Bert Quimby
Murals - Henrik Lindquist & Pontus Bergman, Stockholm Murals
Hanson style truck painting with brush – Todd Hanson
Fairground signwriting and restoration - Joby Carter

Make sure to reserve your place as soon as possible!
For our Panel Discussion we discuss how sign business is run in different countries, and what kind of tips and tricks the participants have to offer to other colleagues. Please, send your questions to us in advance, !

Helsinki Letterheads 2021 welcomes you!