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Sign Layout, Bob Behounek

Based in Chicago, Ill. USA Bob started his career in sign painting in the early seventies. Ever since then he has been producing beautiful signs and truck lettering jobs and he is one of the best-known sign painters and truck letterers in the World. His punchy and colorful style and sharp graphic layout has been featured in numerous articles in Sign Craft magazine, as well in his own books. His lettering is available in digital form as well.
You can find him in Facebook.


Block and Beginners Lettering, Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony from Freestyle Sign Studio, London UK specialises in traditional signwriting and signpainting techniques with modern twist. He creates high quality signs that are impossible to produce using automated methods. He has been organizing workshops in signwriting for years. Join his Block Lettering Workshop and Beginners Class with ongoing practicing and interaction!


Roman Lettering, David Kynaston

David Kynaston comes from Wales UK. He is one of the absolute masters in classic roman and copperplate signwriting, combining beautiful period perfect pictorials to his signs. He masters gilding, wood graining and marbelling and has created a wonderful handmade brush kit for signwriters. David keeps running workshops and teaching all around the world – and in 2021 also in Helsinki Letterheads.


Script Lettering, Pierre Tardif

Pierre Tardif has been hand lettering for over 35 years. Since the opening of his sign shop in 1988, all of his work has always been handpainted, and still is today. His early days in signpainting has been influenced by some of the best signpainters in the industry around Quebec City, Canada. His style has a very authentic sharp 50’s and 60’s style commercial wibe, with punchy colours and clean graphics, combined with today’s needs. He masters everything from block lettering to playful script and even pinstriping.


Casual Lettering, Jeff Marshall

Born and bred in New Zealand, Jeff entered the sign painting business in 1985. He quickly learned all about traditional sign techniques and methods and was also fortunate enough to work alongside one of the country's leading sign artists, which is where his passion for script and casual lettering began. Today if Jeff is not traveling the globe teaching or lettering, he resides on the Gold Coast of Australia where he operates from his home studio & workshop producing signage, logos and hand-painted designs. Jeff is one of the most influential signwriters of today, he has created his own font sets for graphic design and his jazzy style has inspired countless followers. Jeff has also produced his own line of brushes.


Fancy Lettering and Fairground Art, Joby Carter & Aaron Stephens

Joby Carter and Aaron Stephens come from UK. They operate the Carters Steam Fair, the world’s most beautiful travelling fun fair.  All the vehicles and the fairground amusement rides are restored and hand painted in house by Carter’s. They have attractions ranging from 1890’s to 1960’s and Joby is a leading expert on the traditional craft of sign writing and fairground art. He hosts training courses at the Carters Yard throughout the year, teaching the elaborate lettering styles which have loads of details and shadows. Helsinki Letterheads 2021 is his first workshop outside UK, featuring Aaron Stephens!

Chalkboard Art and Lettering
, Cheryl McLean

Cheryl started in the sign industry in 1993, she was formally trained as a Show Card and Ticket writer, which gave her a strong foundation in lettering and layout skills and developed new chalkboard techniques using a variety of materials. Cheryl has built up her successful Blackboard Art and Sign business in Sydney, Australia, by never saying "no" to any new challenge. She also teaches Blackboard Art workshops all over the world, combining her love of teaching, travel and her passion of passing on hand lettering skills to keep the craft alive.


Distressed Sign Workshop, Rick Janzen

Rick Janzen is a sign painter and scenic artist, based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. With over 30 years
experience working in the film industry, he has cultivated a variety of methods to age signs and substrates. In this Distressed Sign Workshop, learn techniques such as how to create authentic looking rust, peeling paint, faded lettering, or weathered concrete and wood, to take your aged signs to the next level.


Ligatures and other ways to decrease legibility, Jakob Engberg Petersen  

At Copenhagen Signs Jakob is one of the best known contemporary European lettering professionals, having a background as a graphic designer. Based in Copenhagen Denmark, he is working with custom lettering, gold leaf and traditional sign writing, as well as mural art and typographic design. He is also teaching workshops all around the world and has been featured in several graphic design and lettering publications. His workshop is about typography and designing letters.


Font Design, Teo Tuominen

Teo is working in Helsinki, Finland. He is a very innovative typographic designer with excellent line-up of logos and illustrative lettering. During his hand drawing workshop you will learn how to design and draw a custom lettering piece by hand, explore the process and basic principles of designing and drawing letters, their structure, shapes and styles. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced participants.
Teo is a graduate of the master’s degree in type design in the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, and graphic design in the Lahti Institute of Design. He has published several font families and drawn type and lettering for a variety of briefs ranging from custom type and logos to more illustrative assignments. He is also running workshops and teaching in design schools.


Calligraphy Freestyle, Marika Koskimäki

Finland based Marika entered the world of Art and Calligraphy twenty years ago, and she is still as passionate about the art and art of letters as when she started. Nowadays, she is more and more experimental and studying artistic ways to use pens, nibs, and brushes, which are her passion, but she can just as easily be creative with a twig from a tree or a single piece of straw. Her book "Happy Lettering with the Right Tools" was published in USA, 2014. In the workshop we will study creative calligraphy.


Pinstriping, Todd Hanson

Arriving from Wauseon, Ohio, USA Todd Hanson has been pinstriping for 43 years. Todd has written for SignCraft magazine since 1988 has taught numerous workshops in Quebec City and Australia, Dallas Orlando and Colorado. Todd has created a unique pinstriping style and his truck and race car graphics are unusually innovative, bold and colourful. In the workshop Todd explains his pinstriping style and brings a new kind of air in the tradition of pinstriping. This style has growing popularity around the World. He has also designed the pinstripers favourite King 13 pinstriping brush.


Vehicle Graphics, Bert Quimby

Bert is based in New Jersey, USA. He is well known from the pages of Sign Craft Magazine since 1987 and one of the definitive creators of Jersey Style -truck painting. Bert’s style is modern and speedy and it varies from quick one stroke script to beautiful chromed bevels. He is responsible of some of the coolest race car and boat graphics, as well as commercial vehicles. Bert is going to run a vehicle graphics workshop; we aim to have a car or a truck for his canvas.
Find Bert in Instagram bert_graphix


Glass Gilding, Ash Bishop

Ash Bishop from the Brilliant Sign Co. Slough, UK is dedicated to the manufacture and restoration of glass signs, gold leaf, traditional sign painting, vintage detailing and conservation of period signage.
His skills in paint, wood, gold leaf and glass, together with an eye for heritage and period detail have been harnessed in many varied applications and restorations. Many of his processes are little changed from the Victorian and Edwardian craftsmen who perfected and used signage to such a stunning effect. Workshop is about the delicate craft of applying leaf gold on glass.


Surface Gilding, Paul Myerscough

Paul Myerscough has been painting signs since 1987. He works with any kind of traditional objects from signs to steam powered trucks, doing lettering and pictorials in the traditional way and keeping the craft alive in the best possible manner. He specialises in gilded letters and has lots of nice little tips and tricks to show you. Paul works from Henlow UK and he also runs a fully comprehensive webinars for signwriting.


TUTORIALS at the Puristamo stage on Saturday.

Large scale - Handpainted outdoor media, Henrik Lindquist and Pontus Bergman, Sthlm Murals

With well over 20 years of combined hands-on experience from design and branding agencies, art projects and exhibitions, digital printing, artistic painting and project management Henrik and Pontus know what difference a unique visual expression makes. And they know how to make one, using the signpainters tools. Join the Large scale - Handpainted outdoor media Tutorial!
These guys are also known from

Truck painting with brush – Todd Hanson style

Todd has painted some of the most eye-catching truck graphics anywhere. His innovative style is colourful and has a fantastic rhythm. He is using mostly brush on these mega-size graphics. In the presentation he is going to tell us some of his tricks and ways of painting.


Presentation of Fairground signwriting and restoration - Joby Carter

Joby tells us about the beautiful Carter Steam Fair’s unique fairground paintjobs, objects and traditions behind them.


Panel discussion of the tricks of sign business

We have a special opportunity to hear how sign business is run in different countries, and what kind of tips and tricks the participants have to offer to other colleagues. We will ask questions posed in advance. Please, send your questions to us!